Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Shit End for the yr

Dei,.....1 las day more for 2009.

asshole...i m so depress....cant even hv a happy las day of a yr. incoming long hair, is gone.... replace by a shit hairstyle tat can never b repaired! short for botak la of course. haiz...unlucky sial

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Sorry Sorry long time no update.
tis time is my 1st dec post.

yea. i hv oredi gone through 1 week of hols....4 weeks to go.... recently i hv just started working out in Celebrity Fitness.... got a free 14 days trial. mai try out lor.

hope to go back college or wish for something to happen soon. bored sial!

Friday, November 27, 2009

Another Lost Ag soon?

Today i went back MBS to play Football.... don 1 tok bout it.... i out of form, just so suck la....

So i met up wit Ben they all since they were oredi there.... n i received a good news. XD Ben is not single anymore....wakaka....

its sort of a lost la i feel. another fren has coupled up. i noe its normal every1 seperates 1 day n joins up wit another... but a lost is a lost. however hes other side is some1 i noe n gr8 wish them the best.

hmm....back to the title, another lost? just las week my gr8 grand dad passed away. now i hear Kwai Choong is gonna go soon? Btw Kwai Choong is my oldest scouter.

every1 comes n leaves tis world...haiz.... law of nature....if there is anything i can do to remain at tis age, i wil do it.... seriously....i hate growing up

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Another Lost

Tis yr i just suffered another lost....

great grand dad has left us peacefully... may he rip

Monday, October 12, 2009

Happy Birthday Dude

Its my Birthday!

Hapy Birthday Jimmy

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Wounds OF Misunderstandings

I love you my darling..... seriously....a lot....

but me more....

its all my fault for hurting u las flirtings caused u hurt so deep i cant erase them.... but i assure u i m doing ntg of those sort anymore..... i've never chatted wit a girl 1-1 for so long.....

pls....i love u.....forgive me for all the misunderstandings btwn us..... i don 1 it to tear us apart...

tis relationship is more stable now i think....but it stil shakes bcause of misunderstandings btwn both of us..........i m sry.

i just ask for more me for watever i do is not meant to hurt u. pls...........

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Septembet 1st post.

Currently, i m sitting in a cc blogging...i duno how many ppl blogs in a cc....but i seriously feel very weird doing it in a cc.But since i always so lazy at home to blog, might as well blog here since i m oredi here.

currently i m oso hving my sem break as wel.... all together its 2 weeks worth of hols. tis week sem break plus next week raya break.

haiz....during the last day of college las week, we suffered 2 heavy losses....1st, we lost miss ratnes, our econs teacher. she wasnt our original teacher, just a substitute...wat a pity, i personally find her the best teacher among all teachers....hopefully the next teacher can b just as good.
the card made for her. like a giant cheque wei...

HS5 econs students

every1 wil miss u teacher... 1st ervin
then jeng liang
then, we also lost Joanne Choi...our cutest lil girl in class....she alwas love to make cute voices n stuff...poor joanne. she got er...shown to the door by college for not hving enough credits....but hv faith ppl....shes going to redo her o lvls paper n come back ag next yr...though she wont b in our class....

sob....its so sad.

joanne n nickolai

jeng liang n joanne
joanne n kah mun

me n joanne of blog wei must hv me oso
ervin n joanne.